Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tortilla Creek Is Hot As A Tamale

It was definitely hot and dry at Tortilla Creek the other day, with triple digit temperatures and single digit humidity.  Good dragonfly weather, though, and we saw lots of activity!

Here's the species list for our trip, showing damselflies and dragonflies:

American Rubyspot
Familiar Bluet
Rambur’s Forktail
Western Forktail
Desert Firetail
Amethyst Dancer

Giant Darner
Common Green Darner
Gray Sanddragon
Flame Skimmer
Twelve-spotted Skimmer
Roseate Skimmer
Mexican Amberwing
Western Pondhawk
Plateau Dragonlet
Filigree Skimmer
Variegated Meadowhawk
Blue Dasher
Black Saddlebags
Wandering Glider

Constant activity everywhere we looked.  We had a great time.

It was fun getting to see the Plateau Dragonlet again, especially since this is the only location we've seen it so far.

We were also pleased to see the Amethyst Dancer, Giant Darner, Gray Sanddragon, Twelve-spotted Skimmer, and Black Saddlebags – all first sightings for the year.

Here are a few pictures from our day at the Tortilla Flat:

The town of Tortilla Flat.  Just behind me is Tortilla Creek, which most visitors to Tortilla Flat don't even notice.
Male Mexican Amberwing.
Male Flame Skimmer showing off for the camera.
Male Amethyst Dancer.
A Flame Skimmer (top) and a Western Pondhawk (below) share the same twig.
A Western Pondhawk (top) and a Plateau Dragonlet (bottom) enjoying the same favorite twig.