Friday, November 18, 2016

Senior College Dragonfly Class in Anacortes

Hi Everyone,

Betsy and I had a great time presenting the Dragonfly Class for the Senior College in Anacortes. We finished yesterday afternoon with a discussion of Splash-Dunking and Spin-Drying.

We also showed a trailer for the Happy-face Dragonfly movie. Some of you were hoping to see it again, and possibly share it with friends, so here's a link to it on YouTube:

Happy-face Trailer

In addition, here's a link to the Dragonfly Whisperer Channel on YouTube:

Dragonfly Whisperer Channel

You will find many more dragonfly videos there, including many that were presented in class.

Thanks again for your enthusiastic participation, and we hope to see you next summer on a dragonfly field trip.

Happy Dragonflying!

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