Saturday, January 28, 2012

Splash-Dunk Behavior: The Dragon Splash

Final Approach

A Paddle-tailed Darner on its "final approach", preparing for a splash/dunk.  The darner is just to the left of center, and its reflection can be seen in the water.


The darner plows into the water sending up a considerable quantity of water to an impressive height.  If we were to scale the darner up to human size, say with a length of about 6 feet, the height of the splash would be over 30 feet.  Quite an impressive splash.

The Dragon Splash

A head-on view of a darner splash.  The left and right lobes of the splash are produced by the wings; the central lobe is due to the body.  To me the splash looks a bit like a Loch Ness monster with wings.  I refer to this as the "dragon splash."

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