Friday, September 21, 2012

Black Meadowhawks At Lake Terrell: A County Record For Whatcom County

Betsy and I visited Lake Terrell near Ferndale, WA a few days ago.  It's one of our favorite dragonflying sites, and we go there every year.

This year the activity level was really quite low, but there was a surprise for us.  As we walked along one of the grassy paths back from the shore we suddenly spotted a very small, dark, delicate dragonfly.  It was a male Black Meadowhawk.  A few minutes later we saw a female as well.  We've only seen Black Meadowhawks at Rainy Pass and near Winthrop – never in our usual areas near Puget Sound.  Though we weren't looking for one, it turns out that a Black Meadowhawk in Whatcom County is indeed a county record.

Here are photos of the Black Meadowhawks at Lake Terrell:

A male Black Meadowhawk perched on the ground.

The same male at a different location on the walking path.  These dragonflies are so small and dark that they are hard to keep track of when they take wing.

A female Black Meadowhawk in the same area where the male was observed.

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