Monday, January 5, 2015

Dragonfly Drawing

The beauty of dragonflies has inspired me to try some dragonfly drawings based on my photos.  Here's one based on a photo of a Blue Dasher:

This male Blue Dasher is perched on a stem above the ground, which is typical of this species.  In fact, out of all the hundreds and hundreds of Blue Dashers I've seen over the years, I have yet to see even one perched on the ground.  They just don't like to perch there.  

On the other hand, our other blue dragonfly, the Western Pondhawk, wants to land on the ground.  It will be found on the ground unless bare ground is not available in the habitat.  Thus, a very good rule of thumb for our area is the following: Blue dragonfly on the ground = Western Pondhawk.

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