Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dragonfly Sign for the SHIP Harbor Interpretive Trail in Anacortes

The SHIP Harbor Interpretive Trail is a very nice new park in Anacortes right down by the ferry docks.  The park includes trails and boardwalks through the wetlands, and a nice paved trail along the shoreline to Lovric's Marina.

I'm working on an interpretive sign for the park to introduce people to the dragonflies that are common in the area. Here's a mock up for the sign:

The large photo shows the Paddle-tailed Darner (aka the Happy-face Dragonfly) in flight, which is how you usually see them at SHIP Harbor.  The inset shows the incredible face of these delightful insects.

I hope the sign can follow the mock-up closely, but it would also be possible to omit the inset or make other adjustments.  Here are some other possible images for the sign:

A good friend, and excellent artist, is working on a drawing of the Happy-face Dragonfly (Paddle-tailed Darner), so here are some photos he may find useful.  First, a cropped version of the Happy-face would be fine in itself:

The happy-face is the main thing that is so special about this dragonfly, so just his face with most of the body cropped would be very nice.

For a more full-body look, here are some additional photos:

This photo shows the entire body and wings, as well as the happy face.  Here's another one a bit closer showing the happy-face a bit better:

Finally, here's a shot that shows the entire body from above.

I used one like this to produce my "Vitruvian Dragonfly" seen here:

I hope this will provide plenty of material for a fun drawing.

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