Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lower Crab Creek, Dragonfly Eden: Emma's Dancer

Betsy and I went to Lower Crab Creek in Eastern Washington a few days ago.  The dragonfly activity there is astounding – dragonflies are definitely the most common form of wildlife in the area.  The location is about 4 miles east of the tiny town of Beverly, Washington, on Road 17 SW.  Here's a map showing the site:

The setting is spectacular, as you can see from the background of this picture of Betsy looking for dragonflies in the bushes:

We saw a number of beautiful species there, including some we don't see in Puget Sound, and a few that were new for us.  I'll start with a damselfly species that we've seen before, Emma's Dancer, but never in these numbers.  Here's the male of the species, easily identified by its lovely lavender color, and blue-tipped abdomen:

The female is a tannish-brown color:

What a beautiful damselfly.  It was so nice to have them everywhere we looked.

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