Sunday, January 22, 2017

Species Spotlight: Amethyst Dancer

For our next species, we consider another damselfly—this one distinguished by its overall body color.

The Amethyst Dancer can be found in the southwest on small streams and creeks. We often see them at Tortilla Creek near the town of Tortilla Flat in Arizona. They are readily recognized by their distinctive color.

Here's a male Amethyst Dancer:

Notice the hamules visible under segment 2 of the abdomen, making it clear that this individual is a male. Also note that it holds its wings above the abdomen when perched—a characteristic of the dancer family.

Here's one that shows off its color particularly well.

The next photo shows the habitat where this species is generally found.

This lovely damselfly is well worth looking for next time you go to Tortilla Creek!

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