Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dragonfly Field Trip, August 24 or 25

Greetings Dragonfliers,

Let's try for a dragonfly field trip next weekend.  We'll shoot for Saturday, August 24, or Sunday, August 25, depending on which is predicted to have the better weather.

The trip will be at Magnuson Park in North Seattle, which is a great location for dragonfly activity.

Details will be posted next week, but I just wanted to give everyone an advance heads-up to start thinking about dragonflies.

Last year we saw a couple Spot-winged Gliders at Magnuson Park, which is quite an extraordinary dragonfly to see in this area.  Will they appear again this year?

A male (notice the hamules under segment 2 of the abdomen) Spot-winged Glider at Magnuson Park last year.
The same individual, this time with a better view of the spots on the hindwing that give this dragonfly it's name.

More details on the Spot-winged Glider at Magnuson Park can be found at the following post:

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