Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Magnuson Park Dragonfly Update

Greetings Dragonfliers,

I've been watching the weather forecasts carefully, and I'm a bit concerned about this coming weekend.  At the moment Sunday looks marginally better than Saturday, but neither one looks that great.  We'll keep checking and make a final decision Thursday or Friday.  If the weather looks too iffy we'll just wait a week and try again.

Here are a couple maps showing the location of Magnuson Park.  I like to take the following route, getting off the freeway at exit 172:

You can also get off the freeway at 145th, and then head south along Sand Point Way, as indicated here:

In either case, you arrive at the intersection of Sand Point Way NE and NE 65th St.  Enter the park here, and go several blocks to the first large parking lot on your left:

This is our starting point.

Let's hope the weather shapes up for the weekend.

A Merlin has been feasting on dragonflies at Magnuson Park, primarily on Blue-eyed Darners, and putting on quite a show for dragonfliers and birders alike.  Here are a couple photos taken by Gregg Thompson showing the Merlin with a pair of darners that it probably snagged as they flew in tandem.  Many thanks to Pam Pritzl for sharing the excellent photos.

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  1. Thank you, great blog. Sure enjoyed being there.